Assigning jobs automatically to nodes

I have compute nodes, computee-0-6 through compute-0-10 that I want to assign to a queue called coamps. The coamps queue has an ACL, that part is working. I want any job that is sent to the coamps queue, to go to compute nodes compute-0-6 through compute-0-10.

You can use Qlist configuration to achieve this requirement:
Please check this:

You can find the instructions to associate nodes and queues in the 2020.1 PBS Professional Administrator’s guide, section, page AG-104.

I had just upgraded and saved the old queues. I restore the queues and followed the above instructions. When a job is sent to th queue, it goes to the right nodes, BUT when someone else who is one on the ACL of the queue send a job, if those nodes are free jobs get sent there. Not what we want. The nodes in the special queue are paid for by one group. The rest of the nodes are for community use.

There are many ways to achieve this

  1. special queue with Qlist and acl enabled and acl users are paid user group, that targets only those specific nodes dedicated for paid user group

  2. Also, this can be achieved by a queujob hook that prevents non-paid users submitting jobs to this queue that targets nodes in the special queue

  3. create a communitQ and paidQ with qlists / node tag targetting respective nodes. Enable ACL / users and/or queue job hook .

Hope this helps, please let me know if my understanding is not correct.