Installation Instructions for openPBS on a desktop (single node)

Is there a single resource that can teach me how to install openPBS or torque on a multi-core desktop? A full, complete list of instructions?

I’m comfortable building from source, but every time I’ve tried I run into obscure errors I don’t understand. I’ve gotten as far as getting the daemons to run, but not the scheduler daemon.

I’m using Pop_OS! 21 on a System76 desktop with ThreadRipper 3 motherboard (128 threads, 64 CPUs).

I’ve also tried slurm but I run into similar issues … end up having to dig through logs to find error messages that indicate (for example) a folder needs access permissions or change of ownership, so I set those, and it still doesn’t work …

Thanks in advance,

Pop_OS 21 is based upon Ubuntu it seems. Could you please try the pre-compiled installers from this link

and this document might help Building a PBS Professional Virtual Test Cluster with Ubuntu

If you are facing any issues , please share the error messages