Installation on Centos 8 Stream

Is anyone was installed properly Openpbs 20 on Centos8 Stream ???

$ cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS Linux release 8.4.2105
Not sure this info will help you as I have not used OpenPBS but PBSPro 20.1.2 does work. I used the rpms to install. I would expect that it should work fine.


Thanks for info. It’s seems to openpbs and pbs pro working on Centos 8 but not working on CentOS Stream release 8 :frowning:

Perhaps it would be more illuminating to post exactly what you’re doing and what the error is?

The simple answer to your question is: yes, people have compiled and used OpenPBS on CentOS8 stream, but I doubt that’s what you’re after.

It’s possible precompiled RPMs don’t work; that’s usually fixable too, but again: what is the problem?

Hi @alexis.cousein ,
The first problem was with installation openpbs via rpm packages. Problem with missing dependency Problem was described here:

I solved it compiling openpbs from sources.

Second, unresolved problem was with communication between server and nodes. It is described here: