Node ct restriction

I have a queue setup with a handful of nodes and I’m trying to set it up in a way where one user can request and execute on a single node. I’ve been able to do this with these queue attributes:

set queue batch resources_max.nodect = 1
set queue batch resources_max.nodes = 1

This seems to work if I request nodes with “-l nodes”. If I select 1, the job goes through, if I select 2, it errors out. However, I’ve noticed that by running “-l select=2”, two nodes are allocated. Is this expected behavior? Any way to limit the “select” attribute?


  • nodect is deprecated.
  • nodes is deprecated as well and instead select (chunk statement) is used
  • you can write a queue job hook that updates the placement of the job to -l place=pack, so that job always uses one node, even -l select=2 . Also, have some checks where in the job gets rejected if the user is asking more resources than what is available on nodes of your cluster.
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