PBS cannot resolve hostname centos/warewulf

I am trying to make my cluster link the main node to the slave nodes following this tutorial (GUIDE) -> http://file///D:/Patrick/Projects/SCALE_Deposition/report_1/Install_guide-CentOS7-Warewulf-PBSPro-1.3.5-aarch64.pdf

I define CHROOT as export CHROOT=/opt/ohpc/admin/images/centos7.5

However, in the part of adding PBS professional client support I cannot execute the command chroot $CHROOT opt/pbs/libexec/pbs_habitat

it return an error: *** The PBS Pro server could not be found: meuhostname.mysite.com
*** This value must resolve to a valid IP address.

I have two ethernet adapters, 1 to internet external and one internal to communicate with the nodes. According to the guide I setted ip address, DNS1 and DNS2 and netmask arbitrary to the internal networks, so the DNS 1 and 2 I just copied from the internet DNS, not sure if it was affected by that

Hi Patrick,

Just saw your post in the OHPC forum as well: https://groups.io/g/OpenHPC-users/message/2099

Since this is directly related to OHPC, I’ll answer there. I have some meetings to attend, so please be patient.



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