Pbs_ralter "-Wforce" option


I have posted a small design document that talks about a new “-Wforce” option being added to pbs_ralter command. This option will allow admins to enforce a change in start-time/end-time/duration of a reservation.

Please have a look at the document and provide comments.


I like the design.

What happens when someone alters a force-altered reservation? Does it lose it’s “forced-ness”? Can the scheduler reject it?
Will the server revert the reservation back to the force-altered state? Will the scheduler be ok with it?

Thanks for reviewing the document @vstumpf

As you know there is soon going to be a change where a “BEING-ALTERED” reservation will not be altered unless it comes out of that state. That should take care of altering a reservation that is being force-altered.

If someone modifies an already force-altered reservation then there is no restriction on that. “Force” option is only linked to an alter request, once the request is honored, reservation will look like any other ordinary reservation.

I don’t think there is a use case where we would want to make a start/end/duration attribute read-only after it is force-altered. Maybe @scc can answer this from a use case perspective. @scc is there a requirement where admin would want the force-altered attribute to be immune to any future alter requests?


Good question, and I know of no such use case. Your description of further altering an already force-altered reservation and having it be treated like any other reservation is what I would expect.