Pbs_submitt() ignores script directives

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the PBS APIs for about a year, and just noticed that all PBS directives contained in scripts submitted through pbs_submit() are ignored, e.g., even if the script has this: #PBS -q dev, the job ends up in the default queue.

Is this behavior expected? Is there a way to force script directives to be honored by the API?

I believe the job of interpreting job script directives belongs at a higher level than pbs_submit(). For example, qsub sets the job attributes for calling pbs_submit() based on on the direct options to qsub and the directives found in the script.

Thanks for your idea – it sounds plausible. qsub would read the directives and set the appropriate ATTR_x values in the pbs_submit call’s attropl structure. And this capability would be lost when working at the API level.