PBS Pro vs PBS Pro Open Source


Is there difference in code between PBS Pro (licensed) and PBS Pro Open Source.

The latest version of PBS Pro is 14.2.4.
While the latest tag on GitHub PBS Pro Open Source is 14.1.2

Do the two products/projects feed code from one to the other, or have they forked and started to go down seperate paths.

I am trying to understand the relationship between PBS Pro and PBS Pro Open Source.


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The PBS Pro commercial build pulls all of the source code from the open source repository on GitHub and makes a very limited number of modifications to it. These changes include replacing the stubbed out licensing routines with actual calls to the Altair License Manager. By convention, if the minor version number is a 1, then the release is open source. Commercial versions have a minor number of 2. There is no difference in the code base between these versions.

Thanks for the quick answer.

It is good to hear that the two products are in sync.

There is a lot of good information on this site, and I am happy to hear it will apply to the commercial version (in time) as well.