PP-290: Admin would be able to configure sendmail path

Hello All,
I have added an EDD for configuring sendmail path through qmgr. Could you please review the same and let me know with your opinion.

Rampranesh M

Hi @rampranesh,

I’m glad you added the sendmail parameter to the server via qmgr as opposed to the configuration file. Would we ever want to add another parameter like sendmail_args? If so, we might want to consider renaming sendmail to sendmail_path.



Hi @mkaro,
I agree with your point, I have changed the EDD accordingly. Please have a look at the changes.

Rampranesh M

My personal opinion is that this looks fine. You should obtain at least one more approval.

EDD looks good to me. I sign off.

That looks good to me.

You have all the approvals you need to move forward. Thanks!