PP-790: qmgr output has inconsistent whitespaces


This is to inform the community about an interface change that’s being done for “qmgr list” output. Here’s the design doc: https://pbspro.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PD/PP-790%3A+qmgr+output+has+inconsistent+whitespaces

To summarize, qstat and pbsnodes use spaces (" “) to indent new attributes lines and qstat uses tabs (”\t") to indent line extensions, but qmgr list does the opposite. After this change, qmgr list will be consistent with the other commands in terms of the whitespaces used for indentation.

Please provide feedback.


Hey @agrawalravi90
Could you please add change control of Public/Stable? I’m fine with it otherwise.


Thanks Bhroam, I just added those in, for some reason I was under the impression that we didn’t specify those details anymore. Please let me know if it looks fine now.

Until the new interface document comes out (which should be soon), you still need to specify them. The new interface guide simplifies the interface specifications, but doesn’t do away with them completely.

Thanks for adding it. I’m fine with the document


Got it. Thanks Bhroam!