Design for allowing -w for more qstat options

I’ve posted a design document for allowing -w for qstat’s alternate job status options.

Thanks for writing this. It would also benefit if you could add the usage text in the design doc, so one can be clear as to what qstat options can be combined with ‘-w’ option now.

Don’t forget about “qstat -p” that historically was incompatible with -w and also needs to work

Now for some begging…

Please add this feature. We run enough jobs and our hostanmes are long enough that after rolling over job ids we only have about 24 hours where jobids fit the standard width. On top of that, we frequently have 4 digit tasks and 100 hour+ walltimes (9 characters) which are fields that get truncated.

I suspect it may need to be a separate document… but I want to also see a server level “default_qstat_options” and I would like to be able to set it to “-w”… because on our systems users really shouldn’t ever use the narrow output formats.