Pset concern in the future release

I’ve just noticed the 2 threads related with pset

and i checked the latest release, the pset attribute does disappear from the qstat output.
My concerns are
as the change is from the users side, as the users shouldnt care much about those, i agreed with that statement, and shouldnt be a further problem
but from a point of view as an administrator, will this affect the future cluster setup, e.g. exsiting placement configurations, new incoming ib-subnetworks. will the old scheduling logic be break or abandon (maybe after serveral years)? and we should pick up the multi-partitions scheduling rather than the old-styled placement set?

I’m not going that deep in to algorithm or arch design, just curious, as the develops continue, will the placement configuration be break or administrator just throw the concern away and nothing get impact.

I surveyed the docs but there is very little on this change.

Thank you