Qstat output difference in PBS20 and PBS18

The qstat output of PBS-20 is not same as PBS-18.

On a pbs20 cluster:
$ setenv HOST_UMASK 0022
$ qsub -V -W umask=0022 -q c4m16_test -l select=1:ncpus=2 – /bin/sleep 300
$ qstat qstat -fx -F json | grep HOST_UMASK

** On a pbs18 cluster **
$ setenv HOST_UMASK 0022
$ qsub -V -W umask=0022 -q c4m16 -l select=1:ncpus=2 – /bin/sleep 300
$ qstat -fx 19 -F json | grep HOST_UMASK

The value of the HOST_UMASK is different. In pbs-20 it displays 0022 whereas in pbs-18 it displays 22. Any idea why?
How to get the same value (22) in PBS-20?


I have not had to use umask in a PBS script but if I did I’d want it to preserve the leading zeros in the octal value. To me it seems like version 20 is doing the right thing.