Umask is not work in v18 when submit with '-k oed'

$ echo ‘hostname’|qsub -Wumask=002

$ echo ‘hostname’|qsub -k oed -Wumask=002

$ ls -l STDIN.o29432 STDIN.o29433
-rw-rw-r-- 1 test group1 39 Oct 22 19:45 STDIN.o29432
-rw-r–r-- 1 test group1 39 Oct 22 19:45 STDIN.o29433

you can see the job 29432 's umask is working but job 29433 is not working.

could you please check this ? Thanks.

Thanks @squallabc for reporting the issue. I am able to reproduce this as well on v18. Looks like a regression. Please feel free to submit a PR or log an issue at

Thank you. will file a PR for it.

Thanks @squallabc, I took the liberty of filing ticket PP-1312 for this so it cannot get lost. Please still feel free to contribute a PR if you like (and reference PP-1312 in the description)!