Renaming Github Repo pbspro -> openpbs

Just a heads-up that, over the weekend, we are renaming the repo to In theory, everything should “just happen”, and even references to the old repo should continue to work for a while (as this is well supported by github).

Once it’s done, it will be posted as a follow up note to this thread.

Please post to this thread if you notice anything not working…


The rename of pbspro to OpenPBS was undertaken over the weekend and is now complete.
References to issues, PR etc should all be working automatically without needing any changes.

There are a few steps that you need to undertake as a contributor.

  1. You should have received an email to join the new repository as a member, please accept to join (if you have not received an email, please let me know)
  2. You will need to sign the new CLA (either in your existing PR, or when you submit a new PR)

In addition to the above, your existing PRs might show a broken reference to Travis/Appveyor CI build logs (Travis might show an error like " We couldn’t display the repository PBSPro/pbspro ". In this case, please force push to your branch as follows:

git remote remove upstream

git remote add upstream

git fetch upstream

git rebase upstream/master

git push -f

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to write back.

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