Lazy updates: OpenPBS 20.0 is under documented

I think the decision to replace a change log with “use git log” is lazy and should be called out as such. It’s not good enough.

What has changed? What are the considerations to take into account with regard to updating from 19.1.x? What are the deprecations? What are the planned future deprecations?

Not even an executive summary? I don’t think it’s fair or respectful to the community.

Hi @datakid,

Thanks for noticing that we are in the process of releasing OpenPBS v20.0. There are a lot of moving parts and extra coordination needed due to the name change, so it will take a few days to “officially release v20”. The team wanted to get working code out ASAP (for those who could use it), so posted the packages as soon as they was ready, and, as you noticed, not everything is ready (yet).

Please watch the announcement thread on this Forum (OpenPBS and Version 20.0) to know when the release is officially … released.


Thanks for the note @billnitzberg.

@datakid - just adding - the reason we did not add the changelist on github is because it is around 694 commits. We have the changelist and, of course, can add it to the release note - except, i did not feel it is useful to have such a huge commit list there. The commit list is actually useful for smaller, patch releases.

On the other hand, we have always listed the notable features and changes in the community forums via a release announcement from Bill.


Update: I have now edited the release notes to show the changelist via a link.

Hope this helps.


Ok, thanks. I apologise if I upset anyone. I didn’t know that the release process would leave the release notes until after the release.

@datakid , not at all - thanks for your note, and appreciate your concern. We should have the summary updated soon.