Unable to start pbs services on my centos7.8 terminal

i am installing pbs on my terminal centos7.8 i have installed all dependencies and configure them but when try to start pbs it is showing error [root@localhost ~]# /etc/init.d/pbs start
Starting PBS
/opt/pbs/sbin/pbs_comm ready (pid=1271), Proxy Name:localhost:17001, Threads:4
PBS comm
Creating usage database for fairshare.
PBS sched
Connecting to PBS dataservice…connected to PBS dataservice@localhost
Server@localhost: Server@localhost, Failed to initialize PBS dataservice:[Prepare of statement insert_job failed: ERROR: relation “pbs.job” does not exist
LINE 1: insert into pbs.job (ji_jobid,ji_state,ji_substate,ji_svrfla…
pbs_server startup failed, exit 255 aborting.

It seems you are using loopback address.
Please give a static IP and hostname for the system.

  • update /etc/pbs.conf and try again.

please check this discussion: