ARP cache entries

Hi! Can You explain what does that mean:
Configure your server host with sufficient ARP cache entries in order to allow at least one connection per ethernet address that will connect to the server or to which the server will connect.
This is in PBS Professional 14.2 Installation & Upgrade Guide in section.

This is my settings of arp_cache :
inet arp_cache
dev eth1
refcnt 4 reachable 31041 base_reachable 30000 retrans 1000
gc_stale 60000 delay_probe 5000 queue 31
app_probes 0 ucast_probes 3 mcast_probes 3
anycast_delay 1000 proxy_delay 800 proxy_queue 64 locktime 1000

Is this OK for Complex with headnode and three nodes?

Thanks for reply!

Here it is explained with respect to Docker, applies in this case as well

The default (if you have not updated) that comes with the default installation of the system should be good to go.

Please make sure address/reverse address (DNS) works fine on your system .

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