Bug in Reservation, documentation?

While trying to work out my reservations, I think we found a bug in the documentation.

Section in the Big Un-navigablePDF Book for 19.1.3 states Controlling Access to Reservations
You can specify which projects, users, and groups can and cannot submit jobs to reservations. Use the qmgr command to set the reservation queue’s acl_users and/or acl_groups attributes. See section 8.3, “Using Access Control”, on page 360.

Meanwhile, two pages later, Section states Reservation Advice and Caveats
• Do not delete a reservation’s queue.
• Do not start a reservation’s queue (do not set the reservation’s started attribute to True). Jobs will run prematurely.
Do not use qmgr to set attribute values for a reservation queue

I believe the reference in Section should be qalter?

I’m fascinated that creating a reservation means changing the submission syntax sufficiently that the reservation might be full, and the balance of the cluster empty, but the jobs wont run on the empty cluster?

Also, when using rsub with -G to add groups, why is the requesting user automatically added to Authenticated Users and then those two values ANDed? Surely passing a -G GROUP should default to “these users can use the reservation” rather than the default being “the intersection of GROUP and Authenticated Users”