Documentation is missing

Please upload documents !

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but documentation for a slightly older version (13.1) is available at,-Documentation

To get there from go to
support options -> commercial -> support -> documentation

Six docs, many hundred pages.


Thank you ! But I am looking for Ver 14. (latest)

Those documents can be helpful for reference, One need a quick guide covering installing and configuring the product. which is missing out in PBS Docs…


Hi Rajesh,

Firstly thanks for joining the forum and downloading pbspro.

As of now we dont have documentation for the 14 release. The version 14 was only a minor upgrade over 13.1 and is functionally the same, except that it is opensource. So you could really refer the 13.1 guides that Bjarne has pointed to.

The download repository should have rpm files that your OS’s package manager should just be able to process. Kindly write back to us if that is not the case, and we will be happy to help.

About steps to install PBS from source, you could use the INSTALL instructions in our source repository on github. .

Let us know whether this helps to solve your issues.