License Server download issues


From the “PBSInstallGuide14.2” it says that before install PBS pro, I should download and install the license server, to do this I must to sign up for its website first, but I have wait for more than 24 hours it still not to be approved, Iwant to know, if there has another optional method to get the license server package?

There is no license server required for the open source release of PBS Professional 14.1. You may safely skip that step.

Thanks a lot, mkaro.
Well, I see. I follow the official document “PBSInstallGuide14.2.pdf”, so I thought the license server is necessary

The documentation is intended for the commercial PBS Pro release, although nearly all of it also applies to the open source release. The license server is one of the few differences between the commercial and open source packages.

Got it, thank you, mkaro