Can I use PBS Professional software in my company (private / commerical)?


We want to use the PBS Pro Queuing system in my company (Private Organization).

Should we require to buy a commercial license to use it or Open Source license is sufficient to use this software.

We just had a little confusion about the Open Source & Commercial licensing.


The choice between the commercial and open source versions of PBS Pro is entirely up to you and your organization. If your organization does not require commercial support of all software, you may want to start with the open source version. You may decide to purchase commercial support in the future. The commercial and open source versions of the product are very similar in terms of functionality, but the commercial version receives additional QA and validation.

You may download pre-built packages of the open source release from or download the source code from GitHub. If you download the source code, please do so from the latest release branch

Instructions to build from source may be found in the INSTALL file in the source package. If you prefer to generate RPMs for distribution on multiple systems, please follow the instructions here:



Hi @vrajasekhar,

Welcome to the PBS Pro community!

Just to add to what @mkaro said, many private organizations also have a strong preference for commercially-licensed software with commercial terms. Some even require commercial licenses, both to get indemnification, and to avoid any potentially anti-commercial terms of an Open Source license. You’ll have to check with your legal team in particular to see if they have any such preferences.

Really, this is a big reason why Altair dual-licenses PBS Pro – to cater to organizations (mostly public) who want Open Source, and to also cater to organizations (mostly private) who prefer commercially-licensed software. The idea is to allow innovations to be shared among the whole HPC world (public & private).

Please let the community know how it goes!

Best regards,

- bill

Thanks @mkaro & @billnitzberg, for your kind information.

First we want to test the PBS Pro with our simulation softwares for few months and if everything goes well, we will scale it to our HPC and may go with commercial license.

Actually, we thought of testing Windows version, but there is only 1 month trail version available at pbsworks. From the community posts, I understood that OpenSource build for windows is not yet available.

So, we will go with Open Source CentOS pkg for now. Thank you.

Hi @vrajasekhar,

My name is Steve Gombosi, and I manage the PBS Support organization in the Americas.

I just wanted to expand on Mike’s comment a little. If you choose to go with the Open Source PBS Pro distribution, you can still purchase support from Altair at any time without having to switch to the commercial distribution. The exact terms and pricing for that support may vary depending on which country you’re in. In the Americas region (i.e., North and South America), the support level (and the personnel who provide it) are exactly the same as if you’d purchased the commercial version of the product.