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Does anyone know what the cost is of PBS Professional? I’m standing up a 2 node (4 socket 78 cores total) centos system for StarCCM. Just trying to understand the cost before I get too far down the rabbit hole here. I realize this is open source software, it does look like you need some type of license to operate the software.

There is only one engineer who will be accessing the software at this time.

Hi, and welcome!

PBS Professional software is dual-licensed – it is available under an Open Source license (which is probably what you downloaded from, and it is also available under a Commercial license. Generally, public sector organizations (e.g., universities and research labs) that have staff with good knowledge and skills working with Open Source software, gravitate towards using the Open Source. There is no fee required for using the Open Source, however, you must adhere to the license terms (AGPLv3).

Generally, private sector organizations gravitate towards the commercially licensed software for quality assurance, for support, and for software maintenance – business generally like having “insurance” that critical issues affecting the business are addressed in a timely manner. Altair offers the commercially licensed version which has undergone a rigorous software quality process, including integration testing with all the 3rd party tools that PBS Professional uses. In addition, Altair also offers a some really nice tools (like Altair Access desktop that makes submitting jobs almost invisible) – see for Altair’s commercial offering or send an email to if you would like to discuss support options.

And, again, welcome to the community!

- bill

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Thanks for the help on this. Where can I find a copy of the AGPLv3 usage terms? I’m trying to see if the usage is prohibited in a commercial application. We are a manufacturing company and have a single Engineer looking to use the product with StarCCM a flow simulation application. We use StarCCM to minimize the amount of prototyping of new equipment by simulating it in a lab first.

I have reached out to Altair for pricing for the commercial version.

The AGPLv3 license is included with the package…