Node affinity in PBS Pro

We currently use Maui for our job scheduler would like to move to using PBS Pro however we can’t see an obvious equivalent to the concept of queue based node affinity.

Specifically in Maui each of our twenty job queues has associated with it a list of nodes that it can run on and each of the nodes is marked with a +, = or - to tell the scheduler the preferred nodes for jobs in that queue to run on.

Does anyone know how to get similar functionality out of PBS Pro?

  1. Could you please check the PBS Professional 13.0 Administrator guide: Example of Associating Multiple Vnodes with Multiple Queues

  2. if you want to hard map the node(s) to a queue:
    qmgr -c "set node NODENAME queue=QUEUENAME"
    Caution: if you hard map node to a queue, then the node(s) will be dedicated to only that queue. Jobs from other
    queue would not able to utilized the nodes hard mapped to this queue.