PP-1206: Remove obsolete code and platforms from PBS Pro

This message is to inform the community that support for several legacy platforms is about to be removed. In addition, “dead code” that is conditionally excluded (using ifdefs or commented out) will be removed. If any of the following platforms are still in use, please respond to let development know they should not be removed.

  • AIX
  • BSD
  • Darwin
  • Digital UN*X
  • IRIX
  • HPCP MoM
  • Scyld
  • Solaris
  • Super-UX

Once support is removed, it will become more difficult to add it back. If there are platforms you want retained, please let us know ASAP.



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This message will serve as a final reminder that lack of response to this topic indicates agreement that all of the platforms listed in the original post may be removed from PBS Pro. If you have a need for any of these platforms, please respond immediately.

Hi @mkaro, does that include “MOM_HPCBP” code? Sorry, I didn’t know if it’s the same thing as “HPCP MoM”…

I wouldn’t mind seeing the MOM_HPCBP ifdef code going away. :slight_smile:

Hi @lisa-altair : Yes, the intent is to remove the MOM_HPCBP code since it would be “dead” without the HPCBP mom.

Makes sense. Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it was the same thing since the “B” is missing from “HPCP MoM”.

Having heard no arguments from the community, we shall begin removing dead code and obsolete platforms.

Thank you.