Proposal to remove version number from pull request template

Hi all,

The new Github Pull Request template is asking for a version number. In my opinion it is not useful on a pull request for the following reasons:

  1. Open source developers are not necessarily familiar with PBS open source versioning.
  2. Contributors open a pull request to fix issues found in their current version of PBS, not for an older version. So version number on the PR does not tell when the bug was introduced. It make more sense on a bug report ticket (in our case a JIRA ticket) but not so much on a pull request.
  3. A pull request itself has information such as date opened and the branch it patches, which can be used to determine the version of PBS after the PR is merged.

I propose we remove version number from the pull request template. And I would like to hear what the community think.



Thank you for proposing this. I agree.

thanks for posting this Minghui, I like the proposal.

I agree as well.


I like the proposal. Thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t see any objections to this proposal, we should go ahead with it.

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