The installation problem on ubuntu

after following the install tutorial on website, I get the problem when testing:
:~$ qstat
perl: error: resolve_ctls_from_dns_srv: res_nsearch error: Unknown host
perl: error: fetch_config: DNS SRV lookup failed
perl: error: _establish_config_source: failed to fetch config
perl: fatal: Could not establish a configuration source

How should I fix it?

It might be related to hostname resolution issue.
Please maintain /etc/hosts (with all the participating hosts of the pbs cluster), this could be common acroll the hosts of the cluster and able to resolve and reverse resolve.

Could you please share the

  • Operating System and version
  • version of openpbs
  • you could check the server logs and also check whether the PBS_SERVER mentioned in the /etc/pbs.conf is able to resolve itself.

Thank you.
I have figure out the problem reason is that my computer has pre-installed slurm and qsub. The commands I am using is not from /opt/pbs/bin but from the /etc/bin
if I use /opt/pbs/bin/qsub, it returns another error “bad UID”

  • Please submit job as non-root user and set
    qmgr -c "set server flatuid=true"
  • you might have to enable one or the other, enabling or having them on path for both might have issues