Automated creation of a virtual cluster

Hi everybody,

I am Computer Science Junior from India. I recently took up a project for automating the creation of a virtual PBS cluster. Now its easy to make an install script for one node, how can I extend this process to automatically form a cluster across all the nodes in my lab.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


Thanks for your interests in PBS Pro OSS , please find the below use cases

Use case 1:

  1. Store the PBS RPM in a common location accessible by all the nodes
  2. use pdsh to install PBS execution components at once
  3. use pdsh to copy the pbs.conf and mom_priv/config to all the nodes
  4. use pdsh to restart all the pbs_mom services

Use case 2:
Create a scripts that copies (scp / ssh) the rpm to the compute nodes and deploys and configures it

Use case 3:

  1. Use provisioning tools warewulf , rocks and others

Thanks. I’ll go through the above steps :slight_smile: